The Current State of Workplace Innovation

“If it’s not measured, it’s not managed.” Peter Drucker’s line is known to every business leader and is held as rule #1 for any new MBA graduate. But Drucker didn’t know about the digital age that was coming – the age of disruptive technologies, a race to invent, and a world where one innovative company could essentially bankrupt an industry behemoth. How can you measure the rapidly changing efforts of your team, and how can you make sure your environment is designed to maximize innovation and development among your team? Download our latest whitepaper and take a deep dive into what it means to innovate, how to measure for success and how to implement the processes that drive creation.

Key Themes:
-Understand the current state of innovation globally
-Take a look at new measures being used in the workplace to understand innovative patterns
-See ways to design your team and workplace to maximize creativity through interactions

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Last Updated 19 January 2023