You struggle with disparate, subjective, or incomplete data, and too many systems that don’t speak to one another. Sheet for Your Top Workforce Challenges.

Without real data, identifying opportunities or risks across the enterprise and informing quick, confident recommendations to address them is next to impossible. Humanyze’s dashboards and proprietary metrics measure essential but disparate workforce data, equipping data analysts with a robust, company-wide view of organizational health and effectiveness – all in Power BI.

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Your Data-Driven Blueprint for Monitoring & Improving Organizational Health & Effectiveness

Proactively identify issues, make data-driven recommendations quickly, and continuously monitor their impacts. Humanyze’s custom-built dashboards and robust reporting capabilities give data analysts more access to and value from enterprise data than ever before:

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Global & Internal Benchmarking Capabilities

See how your team compares to the rest of company and globally against other organizations.

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Continuously Monitor & Track Changes Over Time

Monitor changes over time to see what worked, what didn’t and how metrics are tracking.

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