We are the Pioneers of Workplace Analytics


Our Mission & Background

At Humanyze, we believe that a company’s greatest assets are its people and how they collaborate (and have the data to prove it!).

Born in MIT’s Media Lab, we are redefining the future of work through science-backed analytics and data-driven insights that help companies make continuous workplace improvements that benefit both employees and the business.

With a global presence spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, our mission is to help leading companies around the world unlock their organization’s full potential with workplace analytics. 


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Our Values

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    We challenge the status quo

    We explore why things are done and how they can be done better to create opportunities for innovation – for ourselves and our customers.

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    We are problem solvers

    Our solutions help companies improve organizational effectiveness, positively impact the employee experience, and drive better business outcomes.

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    We believe in transparency

    Factual, reliable and trustworthy with our employees, customers, and end-users around the data we measure and how it’s used.

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    We are data-driven

    We believe in the objectivity of data, which is why we offer the most comprehensive view of the workday to continuously drive better business decisions.


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    We advocate for data privacy

    We work with companies in a way that guarantees data privacy and anonymity for employees.

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Our Leadership Team

  • Burt Hurlock

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ben Waber

    President & Co-Founder

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  • Taemie Kim

    Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

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  • Daniel Olguin

    Chief Finance and Operations Officer & Co-Founder

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  • Eugene Wong

    Senior Vice President, Engineering

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  • Paulina Borrego

    Director of Marketing


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Romulus Capital

Romulus was started by passionate entrepreneurs with deep expertise at the seed stage, strategic focus, and global networks to help build technology businesses. They are uniquely positioned to help early-stage companies engineer strong foundations and to partner with them through every battle, charging toward successful outcomes.