Facility Executive: Humanyze Measures Organizational Effectiveness

Originally published March 2, 2021 for Facility Executive.

The Humanyze Organizational Health Score™ (OHS) from Humanyze, a provider of workplace analytics, objectively measures organizational effectiveness. Rooted in years of academic research and customer work analyzing over 20 billion workplace interactions, OHS provides leaders with a continuous macro view of their organization’s effectiveness through the lens of collaboration. This unique, AI-based solution allows leaders to see company-wide trends around how work gets done in order to inform and improve management decisions that positively impact financial performance and the employee experience.

organizational effectivenessThe Humanyze® OHS is a science-backed solution that analyzes existing, anonymized corporate data from multiple collaboration tools and optionally, popular smart office sensors, to measure company interactions. This score is an average based on leading indicators and metrics grouped into three main categories of Engagement, Productivity, and Adaptability. With the solution, leaders can use their data-driven insights to improve organizational effectiveness and drive financial performance. In addition to receiving an overall score, they are also able to dive deeper into actionable indicators and metrics around employee burnout, attrition, engagement, adaptability, and more. Humanyze is committed to the values of employee data privacy and is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Through OHS, organization leaders are able to answer specific questions about their workplace, HR practices, managerial decisions, and digital transformation initiatives, such as the impact of remote work on employee engagement, productivity trends, and how to optimize return to office plans. By monitoring changes and trends in their Organizational Health Score™ over time, leaders can determine the impact of their decisions and make changes with greater agility.

“One key differentiator to the Humanyze OHS is that it allows organizations to calibrate and compare results with industry benchmarks, and identify trends over time,” said Ben Waber, President and Co-Founder, Humanyze. “Not only can business leaders compare their performance against industry standards, they can see the real result of their decision-making and pivot as needed, rather than waiting for negative outcomes like poor employee satisfaction or missed deadlines.”

The Organizational Health Score can be particularly useful in times of organizational change, such as the past year which was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this time, organizations have experienced change at a more rapid rate than ever before. OHS helps leaders understand and mitigate the long-term effects of remote work and changing team structure. OHS can also help enterprises make informed decisions on processes around mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, and the adoption of new corporate tools.

“Humanyze has long measured the organizational data that informs companies on their performance; however, the creation of the Humanyze Organizational Health Score will make it easier for companies to take action,” said John Sumser, Principal Analyst, HRExaminer. “The marketplace has been yearning for a data-driven solution that can offer a broader view on organizational effectiveness.”

“The Humanyze Organizational Health Score builds on Humanyze’s years of expertise with products that improve organizational effectiveness and financial performance,” said Ellen Nussbaum, CEO, Humanyze. “We have gotten overwhelmingly positive response from our customers who have adopted the solution, in particular among those looking to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on their organizational health. We look forward to continuing to add capabilities to this solution to help companies gain greater workforce efficiencies, satisfaction, and financial results.”

Last Updated 21 September 2021