Human Resources Director Canada: Collaboration is key to employee retention – here’s how to harness it

On April 22, Humanyze co-founders, Ben Waber and Taemie Kim, were mentioned in Human Resources Director Canada. This article is based on Humanyze’s new study done on the drivers of employee retention (The State of Employee Retention- Spring 2022). Additionally, it pulls essential data that could advise business leaders and employers on how to attract and retain talent. Here is an excerpt of what was mentioned…

“According to the survey, employees are also considering access to their direct manager (27.9%), team or department colleagues (24.6%), and company leaders or mentorship (23%) as important factors in staying at a job.”

“The behavioural analysis of the report revealed two primary collaboration styles, namely “open door” and “closed door.”

“Open-door” teams frequently communicate with colleagues of any hierarchy within the organisation. They are also more likely to stay than “closed-door” teams, which are siloed, interact mostly with the same groups, are disconnected from the broader company culture.

“Of course, salary and flexibility will remain important to workers, but our analysis shows why employee interactions must be a top priority for leaders,” said Taemie Kim, Humanyze’s co-founder and chief scientist, in a statement.

To read the full article, follow this link. 

Last Updated 27 April 2022