Humanyze Launches Offerings for Company Executives, Managers, & Data Analysts

BOSTON–Humanyze, a leader in workplace analytics software, announced the launch of three new offerings that help company executives, people managers, and data analysts improve effectiveness, performance, and employee retention. Using decades of research in behavioral data science and the latest advancements in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), these dedicated solutions deliver data-driven insights that help inform better people, technology, & workplace strategy decisions.

Knowing which behaviors, conditions, and decisions positively impact both people and performance has always been the biggest blindspot at all levels of company. This has only become more challenging in the post-pandemic era, as employers worry about “quiet quitting”, employee distrust grows due to increased worker surveillance, and as major economic uncertainties loom. Humanyze enables leaders to understand how, where, and with whom work gets done best across the organization by measuring aggregated, anonymous corporate data using proprietary workplace metrics backed by decades of MIT research and analysis of over 20 billion workplace interactions at leading global enterprises. By connecting these essential, but often disparate, corporate data sources (such as digital collaboration data, building entry/usage data, HRIS data, performance KPI’s, or survey responses) while protecting employee anonymity and data privacy by design, users gain a powerful but ethical lens into what maintains and retains a high-performing, innovative, and productive workforce. 

Humanyze helps align the efforts of change agents at all levels of the enterprise and inform data-driven decisions or strategies, validate their impacts, and make continuous improvements that benefit both people and performance:

  • Executive Insights – High-level, enterprise-wide effectiveness & health insights and automated alerts for timely actions. Proactive alerts, simplified reporting and cost estimates help executives flag key opportunities or risks across the organization and take informed action quickly where needed most. 
  • Manager Insights – Team-level insights into the drivers of team engagement productivity, adaptability for people managers. Automated alerts and easy-to-use dashboards deliver ongoing insights into the specific behaviors and conditions that maintain and retain a high-performing team.  
  • Analyst Insights – Comprehensive, enterprise-wide effectiveness & health insights for data, HR, & business analysts. Enhances existing business intelligence with behavioral metrics and indicators that help continuously monitor organizational effectiveness and inform workplace strategies decisions. 

To learn more about these solutions, click here. Those interested can also watch a recent webinar where Ben Waber, PhD (President & Co-Founder, Humanyze) and Burt Hurlock (Chief Executive Officer, Humanyze) present and discuss the new offerings, as well as their various use cases. 

About Humanyze

Humanyze is a leading workplace analytics software provider, delivering data-driven solutions that help companies maximize organizational effectiveness and optimize their workplace strategy. Enterprises uses Humanyze to inform and accelerate people, technology, and workplace investments that benefit both employees and enterprise. Founded in 2011 at MIT’s Media Lab, our award-winning, patented AI platform measures anonymous corporate data against science-backed benchmarks, indicators, and metrics to reveal how, where, & with whom teams work best across an organization. Humanyze is committed to protecting employee data privacy first and ensures 100% anonymity by design. We have a global presence spanning the US, Europe, and Asia, and our mission is to shape a more data-driven, people-centric Future of Work.

Press Contact

Paulina Borrego
Director of Marketing, Humanyze

Last Updated 15 November 2022