Humanyze’s workforce analytics solutions and science-backed metrics help change agents across the organization drive better business & people outcomes:

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Executive Insights

Unlock Your Enterprise’s Full Potential

Organizational insights every executive needs, when they need them. Powerful, simplified reporting helps maximize people, technology, & real-estate investments while managing avoidable costs & risks.

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Automated Alerts

High-level email summaries tell you what’s changed, who’s at-risk, and what’s at-risk.

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Executive dashboards and simplified reporting make it easy to continuously monitor & address risks to organizational effectiveness & health across the enterprise.

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At-Risk Economics & Estimates

Humanyze reveals which groups are affected and the potential economics at-risk so executives can effectively prioritize and take action where it’s needed most.

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& Trend Tracking

Powered by the largest dataset of workplace interactions in the world, internal and global benchmarks reveal where your organization stands. Historical trend reporting provide a lends changes in key enterprise risk patterns over time.

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Manager Insights

Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

Essential team health & effectiveness insights for people managers. Discover how to maintain & retain a healthy, high-performing team with proactive alerts & easy-to-use dashboards.

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Automated Alerts

Proactive notifications equip people managers with key updates on team effectiveness & health. High-level email summaries tell you what’s changed, what needs improvement, and what’s on-track for your team(s).

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Simplified reporting & dashboards for managers make it easy to understand which behaviors & conditions drive performance and a better employee experience for your team(s).

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Benchmarks & Trend Tracking

Powered by the largest dataset of workplace interactions in the world, internal and global benchmarks reveal where your team(s) stand(s). Historical trend tracking offers an ongoing lens into changes in team patterns over time.

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Actionable Recommendations

Leverage behavioral workplace expertise via personalized recommendations that outline actions to take based on where your team is on-track and where your team needs improvement.

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Analyst Insights

Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

Workplace analytics for data, HR, & business analysts. Enhance your business intelligence with behavioral insights that monitor organizational effectiveness & inform workplace strategy.

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Org. Effectiveness & Health

Connect and combine essential company data from disparate sources to uncover which behaviors, conditions, and decisions lead to an effective, healthy enterprise:

  • Standardized dashboards & workplace metrics
  • Custom analytics & reporting capabilities
  • Advanced filters & data exports
  • Continuous insights & measurement
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Workplace Strategy

Measure how, where, & with whom work gets done best across the company to inform effective workplace strategies and hybrid/remote planning:

  • Integrate smart sensor, building entry, & digital collaboration data
  • Tailored recommendations based on group collaboration needs & workstyles
  • Identify which groups benefit most from being in the office vs. hybrid or remote
  • Monitor impacts of real-estate & workplace decisions to make ongoing adjustments & improvements
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