Must-Have Metrics for Solving Top Workplace Challenges & Human Capital Risks

In the post-pandemic world of work, managing people and performance across enterprises has become more complex and nuanced than ever before. As business leaders scramble in search of ways to improve performance and retain top talent, three major challenges stand in the way:

Disengagement – A lack of connection or negative connection to one’s work, which often leads to employee turnover
Misalignment – Insufficient access to the colleagues or knowledge you need to do your best work, which can cause delays or errors, lost or misinterpreted information, and hinder innovation
Rigidity – Difficulty or slowness adapting to change or market forces, causing costly change initiatives to fail or take too long to gain traction

In this webinar, we’ll explore each of these challenges and discuss:

  • What’s at-risk when it comes to your payroll, revenue, & profits
  • How to identify these key issues and their “symptoms” within your organization
  • Must-have workplace metrics to continuously monitor and effectively address these challenges

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Last Updated 14 April 2023