Watch: Defining & Measuring Productivity in the New World of Work

How “productivity” should be defined and measured has always been a hotly-debated topic.

This is especially true now as the world of work grows more complex due to COVID19’s unprecedented challenges and the increased reliance on technology in hybrid or remote settings. While there’s also a great deal of debate about the efficacy of individual performance assessments, organizations have had to rely primarily on subjective employee evaluations in the absence of objective KPIs or defined parameters for performance. However, as many companies move away from 100% in-office workplace strategies, management and HR leaders must be prepared to shift their paradigms when it comes to how they evaluate and support their people– both in today’s COVID-era of work, and the post-pandemic “Future of Work”.

Humanyze Co-Founder, Ben Waber, PhD, joined Uber’s Director of People Analytics, RJ Milnor, to discuss the evolving concept of “productivity” in this new world of work, valuable lessons learned during the pandemic, and emerging strategies for effectively evaluating and supporting a highly-productive workforce.

Key Webinar Themes:
-Re-shaping how we think about productivity in a more flexible, fluid world of work
-Measuring and quantifying productivity when deliverables or outputs are less tangible
-Ethical, data-driven approaches to measure and support the productivity of your workforce

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Last Updated 24 January 2023