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Your employees and how they collaborate are key drivers of an organization’s effectiveness and financial performance.

Through data-driven insights on how work gets done, Humanyze empowers you to inform and accelerate
management, HR, and workplace decisions that unlock your organization’s full potential.

Create a healthier, more successful workplace with science-backed insights:

  • Succeed In Times of Change

    Discover and improve the impacts of remote work or plan your return to work strategy.

  • Drive Smarter Collaboration

    Identify whether systems, processes, or behaviors enable your organization to work more effectively.

  • Optimize Your Workplace

    Understand how physical or virtual work environments impact the way that work gets done.


Humanyze Analyzes More of the Workday Than Any
Other Solution

In order to drive long-term success and a better workplace experience, it is critical to understand how work gets done within an organization. By connecting existing corporate data to actionable metrics, indicators, and algorithms, Humanyze delivers the most comprehensive and objective measurement of the workday, while protecting the privacy of your employees.

  • Remote Work & Digital Collaboration

  • In-Person Collaboration & Interactions

  • Workday Length
    & Burnout Risks

  • 100% Employee

  • An infographic of location systems and communication tools
  • 11 Years

    Of MIT research

  • 210 Million

    Employee workdays

  • 20 Billion

    Workplace interactions


Keep a Pulse on Your Organization’s Effectiveness

Humanyze’s Organizational Health Score™ delivers a continuous, top-line understanding of where your organization stands, as well as a deep dive into indicators and metrics within the categories of Engagement, Productivity, and Adaptability.

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