Watch: Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Despite COVID-19’s ongoing uncertainties, Corporate Real-Estate, HR, and Management are faced with the major challenge of informing and implementing the best post-pandemic workplace strategy for their organizations while the pandemic continues.

With multiple departments involved, mixed sentiments from employees, and increased pressure to optimize real-estate usage while mitigating employee attrition (among many other variables), how can companies tailor workplace decisions that effectively balance business objectives with the needs of their unique workforce?

Humanyze recently joined leading workplace experts to discuss the future of the office, how leading global companies are approaching post-pandemic planning, and best-practices for driving workplace decisions that benefit both employees and the enterprise.

Ben Waber, PhD (President & Co-Founder @ Humanyze)
Andrea Wolf (VP, Global Real Estate & Workplace Strategy @ Colliers International)
Kay Illenden (Workplace Integration Manager @ Genentech)

Last Updated 24 January 2023