Improving Company Performance with Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is the set of scientific methods and theories to help understand interactions within an organization. It helps executives and managers to intervene at critical times, increase performance, and reduce costs.

There’s increasing pressure on executives to drive sustained, long-term growth. Yet, they lack the information they need to make informed business decisions and successfully initiate change. As organizations restructure departments to have fewer hierarchical levels, work increasingly occurs between social networks, rather than though prescribed reporting structures. Research shows that employees look to their networks to find information and to solve problems. Communication no longer flows solely from senior management to individual contributors – information moves through social networks, between colleagues and different teams. Organizations can analyze social networks to assess how information flows between teams and to intervene at critical times in order to improve how work gets done.

Key Themes:
-Explore the benefits of supporting organizational networks
– How network analysis can impact company performance
– How to interpret network graphs
– Business applications of ONA for human resources, business processes, and corporate real estate decisions

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Last Updated 19 January 2023