Humanyze Opens European Headquarters in Amsterdam

MIT Media Lab spin-off selects Amsterdam as hub for expansion into EMEA and UK

BOSTON, July 9, 2019 — ​​Humanyze, a company developed out of the MIT Media Lab and specialist in organizational analytics and workspace design, opened the doors of its European headquarters in Amsterdam. Humanyze will be able to serve their existing and future European customers more effectively by having a team on the ground that focuses on customer success, technical implementation, and sales and alliances.

Humanyze helps companies understand how work gets done by pulling together and analyzing multiple data sources, including social network data and workspace sensors. The Humanyze Elements® platform helps operations and facility managers, workspace specialists, and HR professionals understand how teams work and communicate in order to make better space planning decisions, measure the impact of current and past initiatives, and create a space that works for their teams.

Simple Tweaks, Big Impact on Team Cohesion, Collaboration, and Productivity
Companies are increasingly looking at making data-driven decisions around space design to create the best working environment to attract and retain top talent, to optimize employee productivity, and maximize the collaboration within the organization and overall employee experience. Through research and practice, Humanyze has already made an impact by proving that simple tweaks to space design can increase worker productivity by 5.3%, team cohesion by over 25%, and some companies have saved over $4.9 million with improved workflows.

Amsterdam as the Humanyze European Hub
“Having our European headquarters in the Netherlands has been a fantastic choice. We are able to serve our European customers faster and more effectively, due to Amsterdam’s strong, multi-lingual talent pool, its fast and efficient transport options to all of Europe, and its professional groups and thought leaders in smart buildings, people analytics, and Property Tech (PropTech) who have already invited us to join the conversation. Moving here is a huge milestone and sets us up for rapid growth and expansion in the region,” explained Alexa Lightner, Vice President and General Manager for EMEA of Humanyze.

“Our expansion to Europe happened naturally and out of a need to support our current and future customers there. Large enterprises in Europe are being tasked with huge challenges with their people and workspace needs, and they have sought us out as a solution to enable their long-term agility and competitiveness,” said Ben Waber, CEO and co-founder of Humanyze.

The MIT Media Lab spin-off celebrated the office opening by hosting a panel discussion about the intersection between space and collaboration on July 2, 2019 at the Epicenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event was co-hosted by real estate technology company EDGE Technologies.

About Humanyze
​Humanyze is paving the way in helping organizations understand the impact space has on team collaboration. The company was founded in 2011 out of the MIT Media Lab and comes with over a decade of advanced research in organizational network analysis and behavioral science. The Humanyze Elements® platform provides companies one data source to inform their decisions and give them the data they need to prove their impact—by understanding exactly how space is impacting teams companies can give employees the ultimate workplace, all while driving productivity and increasing collaboration. Humanyze has a global presence spanning the US, Europe, and Asia, and is on the mission to improve the future of work. For more information, visit

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Last Updated 02 August 2021