Work Design Magazine: How Data Gives Companies A Competitive Edge

Recently, president and co-founder, Ben Waber had a piece featured in Work Design Magazine! This piece outlines the importance of data-driven decisions and why workplace analytics are must-have for companies to succeed in the future of work – specifically those hoping to navigate changes like hybrid or remote work successfully, but also spotlight that supports our messaging & the value behind our solutions! Here is an excerpt of Ben’s article…

“There are opportunities for data to optimize the workplace by not only benefiting the company internally but granting organizations a competitive edge to set themselves apart and appeal to prospective and current employees alike. From helping companies establish internal benchmarks to measuring where different teams stand when it comes to collaboration, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction, the benefits of workplace data are endless.”

“Insights from analytics allows managers to determine employees’ level of engagement and how best to collaborate across teams. For example, collaboration data helps management make key decisions surrounding a hybrid schedule implementation – who it makes sense for, when, where, and how. By measuring how teams collaborate and work together best (via email, Zoom, Slack, etc.) combined with other key corporate insights (like performance KPIs and employee survey data), companies can tailor a hybrid approach based on which teams rely on each other most, and which groups do their best work in-person or remotely.”

To read the full article, follow this link.

Last Updated 03 March 2022