Humanyze Further Accelerates Momentum with New Leadership Team Additions

Benedetto A. Miele, SVP of global sales and customer success and Brian Sargent, VP of product join Humanyze to lead expansion and delivery of Humanyze solutions

BOSTON, Mass. — March 31, 2021 — Humanyze, a leader in workplace analytics, announced the appointments of Benedetto A. Miele as senior vice president of global sales and customer success and Brian Sargent as vice president of product to its leadership team. The leadership additions further capitalize on Humanyze’s industry momentum after record-setting growth and product innovation over the past quarter. This momentum follows the launch of their platform the Humanyze Organizational Health Score (OHS)™, which gives companies a data-driven approach to inform and accelerate management, HR and workplace decisions. In their new roles, Miele and Sargent will work alongside the leadership team to increase sales, expand product adoption and capabilities, and help customers navigate the future of work as challenges arise around the return to the workplace in a post-pandemic world.

“Humanyze was strategically set up pre-pandemic to help organizations through periods of accelerated and unprecedented change. Now more than ever, organizations are having to quickly adjust to changes in the way they work,” said Ellen Nussbaum, CEO of Humanyze. “As demand for our solutions increases, we are pleased to have Benedetto Miele and Brian Sargent join our team and bring their experience in driving sales and product development. This will help Humanyze continue to lead the way in delivering critical workplace decision-making solutions.”

Benedetto A. Miele, SVP of Global Sales and Customer Success

As the new senior vice president (SVP) of global sales and customer success, Miele joins Humanyze with more than 30 years of experience in helping startups succeed, scaling product adoption, strengthening sales pipelines, and driving revenue growth. Much of his experience has revolved around helping human resources (HR) leaders adopt new, emerging technologies to better support today’s workforce.

“There is a real need for companies to tap into their existing data to make better-informed decisions. I was drawn to Humanyze’s research foundation and vision of positively impacting businesses and their employees through actionable insights,” said Miele. “Now, more than ever, organizations across the globe are actively looking for the right approach and strategy as they navigate the future of work. Humanyze’s OHS is a solution that will effectively help inform decisions to address the new challenges that will arise in a post-pandemic world.”

Brian Sargent, VP of Product

In his new role as the vice president of product, Sargent will be responsible for driving the future of OHS and its targeted business solutions. He brings over 20 years of experience in product development, ten of which were spent leading product and user experience teams. Most recently, Sargent served as chief product officer at Act! and head of product at SiteLock.

“There is a real need for solutions that help organizations navigate the new normal. Humanyze’s OHS is an exciting new platform that helps companies make informed decisions, based on their existing data, and continuously measure the impact of those decisions to ultimately improve employee and organizational success,” said Sargent. “I am excited to help expand the platform’s adoption and capabilities to continuously deliver powerful insights that improve company performance and positively impact employees.”

Humanyze’s momentum is in part due to the market’s need to build data-driven strategies that address the needs of today’s companies. The past year presented companies with new challenges that prompted massive change across all industries. As leaders re-evaluate their strategy, Humanyze is well-positioned to help companies address the issues they are facing today through real data and actionable insights. Humanyze’s OHS is a unique, AI-based solution that allows leaders to use their own data to see company-wide trends on how work gets done in order to inform and improve management decisions. This unique technology enables companies to pinpoint interventions and rapidly iterate by identifying how tools, processes, and practices are impacting the company and its people.

Learn about Humanyze leadership here and Humanyze Organizational Health Score™ here.

About Humanyze
Humanyze is a leading global provider of workplace analytics solutions, helping business leaders improve organizational effectiveness, a critical driver of financial performance. Enterprises use Humanyze’s data-driven benchmarks and indicators around the categories of employee engagement, team productivity, and organizational adaptability, to inform and accelerate their management, HR and workplace decisions. Founded in 2011 out of the MIT Media Lab, we offer an award-winning, patented AI platform, with its unique Humanyze Organizational Health Score™, to deliver data-driven insights, for continuous organizational improvement. Humanyze is committed to core values of data privacy for all employees and ensures anonymity by design. We have a global presence spanning the US, Europe and Asia and are on a mission to improve the future of work by unlocking the potential of your organization.

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Last Updated 21 September 2021