Watch: Shaping a Data-Driven, People-Centric Future of Work (Pt. I)

Did You Know? Nearly 50% of employees aren’t fully confident that their company’s post-pandemic strategy will be well thought out.

2020 introduced major changes to the way we work. Most office workers transitioned to full-time remote work, which majorly transformed how we collaborate, innovate, and shape processes. Now, leaders face the challenge of setting their organizations up for success in a post-pandemic work environment. In order for companies to identify the best path forward, it’s essential to combine the objective with the subjective and understand both how an organization works and how employees themselves feel.

Watch Ben Waber, PhD (Humanyze President & Co-founder) and Taemie Kim, PhD (Humanyze Chief Scientist & Co-Founder) as they discuss findings from Humanyze’s 2020 market survey around remote work’s impact on employees and the future of work, and how companies can couple surveys with workplace analytics to inform effective Future of Work strategies.

Key Webinar Themes:
• 2021 Humanyze Consumer Survey insights around how employees are feeling about remote work’s impacts and the Future of Work post-pandemic
• Connecting the dots between how employees feel vs. what Humanyze’s analytics are showing
• How and why companies must leverage objective and subject data to inform decisions

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Last Updated 24 January 2023