OK, but will there be snacks? As workers return to the office, some perks like Taco Tuesdays may be in question

Ben Waber, PhD (President and Co-Founder of Humanyze) was interviewed for a recent article in USA Today. In it Ben is quoted in the following copy from the article…

“Absolutely having some or all of those perks will help if affordable,” said Ben Waber, president, and co-founder of Humanyze, a Boston-based company that tracks workplace analytics.”

He cites a survey Humanyze recently conducted that found while nearly half of respondents are not confident that their company will have a well-thought-out strategy upon their return to the office, almost 73% of respondents said being unable to collaborate with their colleagues in person was the biggest challenge they’ve experienced during the pandemic. 

“Co-workers missing working alongside each other, as well as some perks, could be what would draw them back to the office, even if it’s in a hybrid workplace structure,” Waber said. 

“What offices are good at is creating serendipitous interactions, building trust, and brainstorming because it can sometimes be hard to do that remotely,” Waber said. “Companies who offer perks should not see them as costs, but rather as investments to create those interaction.”

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Last Updated 07 August 2021