Medium- Authority Magazine: The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work: Ben Waber Of Humanyze On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together

On February 8, 2022, president and co-founder, Ben Waber was interviewed by Karen Mangia, VP at Salesforce, author, and keynote speaker. As a part of Authority Magazine’s interview series, How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work TogetherMangia has interviewed various business and thought-leaders for their insights and predictions about how to create a future that works. In this feature, Ben discusses how the workplace model is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and leaders need to be confident in their decisions to build trust with their employees. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Karen Mangia: What is your greatest source of optimism about the future of work?

Ben Waber: We’ve now witnessed the introduction of 3 COVID variants, but the workforce has adapted and done what it has needed to in order to move forward. This makes me optimistic because we’ve proven we can navigate turbulent times of change if we remain adaptable and iterative in our decision-making. We have been dealt a challenging but unique opportunity for experimentation — people are constantly trying new workplace strategies or even new ways of managing. I’m hopeful the default approaches of “copying and pasting the strategy of a successful company” or informing critical decisions based on subjective opinions alone will disappear for good.

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Last Updated 10 February 2022