Humanyze Announces New Workplace Strategy Solution To Help Companies Inform and Improve Workplace Decisions with Science-Backed Insights

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Humanyze, a leader in workplace analytics, today announced its newest Workplace Strategy solution, a comprehensive offering that helps corporate real-estate, HR, and business leaders confidently implement and continuously validate workplace decisions that support the needs of employees and the enterprise. Following the release of its Organizational Health solution earlier this year, Humanyze’s latest offering uncovers the direct impacts of workplace decisions on businesses and employees.

The continued uncertainty around COVID-19 has introduced major changes to the ways that employees work and how companies think about the workplace. Many companies across industries face critical decisions around remote work, hybrid work models, or fully returning to the office. Humanyze’s insights enable leaders to plan, optimize, and manage strategies that maintain a productive and innovative workforce, optimize real-estate usage, and mitigate costly employee attrition. The Workplace Strategy solution is powered by the Humanyze Platform, which measures anonymous corporate data against decades of MIT research and analysis of over 20 billion workplace interactions. By revealing how, where, and with whom different groups work best, companies can align the efforts of corporate real-estate, HR, and department leaders to drive dynamic, tailored workplace decisions that help the organization succeed in both the short and long-term.

The Workplace Strategy solution delivers objective, data-driven insights and distinct views for various enterprise users at every stage of the decision-making process – Workplace Planning, Optimization, and ongoing Management:

  • Plan – Helps real-estate and HR leaders assess and inform decisions based on collaboration and workplace needs for different groups across the organization. This view allows users to filter by location, team, department to understand which groups benefit the most from working in the office or virtually using historical collaboration data.
  • Optimize – Delivers insights so real-estate and HR leaders can quickly validate and reveal the impacts of workplace decisions once they have been made. This view helps users make ongoing data-driven adjustments and optimizations of workplace usage by revealing on-site/in-person coordination between groups, estimating daily capacity based on actual usage, and monitoring whether in-person office coordination is having the desired impacts.
  • Manage – Helps managers and department leaders set their team(s) up for success by uncovering the work styles and needs of specific groups throughout the organization. These insights help drive optimal in-office scheduling and coordination with tailored group recommendations that will help drive necessary in-person collaboration between key teams and groups most dependent on one another. Teams or groups are assigned one of eight “Collaboration Profiles” based on how, where, and with whom they work. This feature gives department leaders and managers actionable recommendations around the kinds of workspaces, technologies, and processes that their specific team(s) might benefit from based on how they work and collaborate.

“The Workplace Strategy solution is our latest offering to help leaders across the enterprise deal with the most pressing and challenging questions of the modern workplace,” said Ellen Nussbaum, CEO, Humanyze. “The pandemic’s impacts on work have made it more important than ever before for organizations to make smart, data-driven workplace decisions. Without the ability to quickly understand how these strategies impact the workforce, companies jeopardize collaboration, employee satisfaction, and overall performance.

“Our Workplace Strategy solution integrates with more corporate data sources than any other provider available today,” said Brian Sargent, Head of Product, Humanyze. “By incorporating anonymous collaboration data from digital and in-person sources like collaboration tools, building entry systems, and more, we’re able to provide a holistic analysis and understanding of how decisions and strategies impact how collaboration and work happen across the organization.”

To learn more about the Humanyze Workplace Strategy solution, visit here. Those interested can also register for a webinar on August 18 at 12:00 pm EST where Ben Waber, President of Humanyze, and Brian Sargent will discuss the offering and present use cases.

About Humanyze

Humanyze is a leading global provider of workplace analytics solutions, helping business leaders improve organizational effectiveness, a critical driver of financial performance. Enterprises use the Humanyze Platform’s data-driven benchmarks, indicators, and metrics within the categories of employee engagement, team productivity, and organizational adaptability, to inform and accelerate better management, HR, and workplace decisions. Founded in 2011 out of the MIT Media Lab, we offer an award-winning, patented AI platform with varying solutions that address today’s most pressing business challenges. These science-backed insights empower companies to confidently make decisions and continuously measure their impacts for ongoing improvements in the areas of Workplace Strategy and Organizational Health. Humanyze is committed to core values of data privacy for all employees and ensures 100% anonymity by design. We have a global presence spanning the US, Europe, and Asia and are on a mission to improve the Future of Work.


Erin Knapp
Matter Communications for Humanyze

Last Updated 17 August 2021