Bisnow: On The Lookout For Long Leases

On February 21, 2022, co-founder and president, Ben Waber was mentioned in a piece on Bisnow. This article focuses on the flexibility that office owners and corporate teams must embrace in order for their businesses to operate appropriately. Ben’s/Humanyze’s mention touches upon how different teams have different needs and having flexibility – even in physical office space – is important. Ben also stresses that office owners should offer easily adaptable office space to attract companies to occupy them and sign leases. Here is what Ben had to say:

“What companies are realising is that different teams are going to have different needs when it comes to their working environments,” Humanyze President and co-founder Ben Waber said. “Through the pandemic, we’ve learnt that people are resilient and can adapt to changes in the way they work very quickly. Companies will start to change their hybrid work strategies not every month, but every quarter. So they’re going to need a lot of flexibility from their physical space to help them achieve that.”

A lot of that will come down to how tenants choose to fit out their own space. But office owners will need to offer space that can be easily adapted to attract companies in the future, Waber said. 

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Last Updated 25 February 2022