BCG: The Social Economics of Work and Productivity

BCG Global featured Humanyze in their article on productivity and what it looked like during the pandemic. A survey of 12,000 employees in Germany, India, and the US conducted in May and June of 2020 showed that personal productivity, even in collaborative tasks, was as high or higher during the pandemic than beforehand. Here is an excerpt of the data that they mentioned…

“This shift in perspective encouraged junior people to speak up more often and made meetings more participatory. Indeed, the Humanyze data shows that vertical collaboration rose by 27% during the pandemic.”

“The urgency of the crisis encouraged people to pitch in to help their colleagues and focus on the problems at hand. They became more comfortable sharing information, as the Humanyze data showing a 24% increase in knowledge diffusion suggests”

To read the full article, follow this link.

Last Updated 08 October 2021