Watch: Measure & Improve Org. Effectiveness & Health with Humanyze

Measuring the effectiveness of an organization, its people, facilities, and systems has been a long process filled with years of testing hypotheses and millions of dollars lost in ineffective changes and trials. New developments in the world of workplace analytics have now made it possible to objectively, passively, and continuously measure organizational effectiveness to empower leaders to make the right decisions that lead to better business outcomes.

In this webinar we will explore:
• The link between organizational effectiveness and financial performance
• How to measure organizational effectiveness through workplace analytics
• Ways in which companies are already seeing the benefits of workplace analytics
• How to drive the effectiveness of your remote work strategy
This webinar features:
• Ben Waber, PhD, President and Co-Founder at Humanyze
• Taemie Kim, PhD, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder at Humanyze
• Alexa Lightner, Director of Services, Delivery, and Experience at Humanyze

Watch Now:

Last Updated 24 January 2023