The uncertainties of COVID-19 have changed how we work and think about the workplace.

Whether returning to the office, staying remote, exploring flexible or hybrid work, or simply looking to optimize corporate real-estate, organizations are under more pressure than ever before to inform workplace decisions with speed and certainty.

As companies plan for a post-pandemic Future of Work, how can leaders confidently implement and validate workplace strategies that support the needs of both employees and the enterprise?

Create Data-Driven,
People-Centric Workplaces

Backed by decades of MIT research, Humanyze uncovers the collaboration styles and workplace needs of teams, departments, and locations across the organization so you can inform tailored, data-driven decisions that empower your employees and business to succeed:

Formulate strategies that balance employee needs with business goals using science-backed insights

Drive dynamic, remote, hybrid, or in-office plans based on who benefits from working in-person vs. virtually

Identify what specific groups need from the workplace in order to do their best work

Coordinate schedules and drive collaboration based on capacity availability and which teams benefit from being in the office together

Continuously monitor and address impacts on employees and the business with objective, behavioral metrics


Workplace Strategy

Successfully align Corporate Real-Estate, HR, and Management efforts as you Plan, Optimize, and Manage the best workplace strategies for your organization:


Inform & Implement Decisions with Your Data + Science-Backed Insights

  • Balance capacity availability with collaboration needs
  • Segment by specific groupings (location, team, or department)
  • Identify which groups rely on each other most & would benefit most from being on-site/in the office together


Continuously Validate & Improve the Impacts of Decisions

  • See in-office usage across specific groupings (team, department, location etc)
  • Estimate available daily capacity based on actual office usage
  • Monitor if in-office/on-site coordination is having the desired impacts on collaboration
  • Adjust & optimize based on usage & group collaboration (in-person vs virtual)


Measure & Monitor the Ongoing Impacts of Workplace Decisions on Your Team(s)

  • Receive tailored recommendations for in-office scheduling
  • Drive in-office coordination based on when your team’s Top Collaborators are on-site
  • How does your team’s collaboration with same-site colleagues compare to the overall site’s?
  • How does your team communicate with it’s Top Collaborators?

Collaboration Profiles

Set Teams Up for Success By Uncovering Their Specific Workplace & Collaboration Needs

  • Collaboration Profiles are assigned to groups based on how, where, and with whom they work
  • Based on their assigned profile, set teams up for success with the right workspaces, processes, technology & collaboration

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Drive the Best Workplace
Strategies for Your Organization