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The Organizational Health solution equips business leaders with ongoing macro and micro-views of their organization’s effectiveness and health. Humanyze measures how work gets done to help you identify behaviors, processes, and strategies that drive or hinder success throughout the company.

By analyzing corporate collaboration data against science-backed indicators and metrics, leaders can inform data-driven decisions and quickly reveal their impacts on employees and the business:

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      Improve the Employee Experience

      Drive active collaboration that fosters employee growth and satisfaction


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      Optimize Your Workspace

      Create physical and virtual work environments that benefit people, performance, and productivity


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      Make the Most of Tools & Processes

      Uncover how the use of systems and processes affect group collaboration to drive desired outcomes


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      Drive Your Remote Work Strategy

      Discover and improve the impacts of physical and virtual work environments



Organizational Health Score™

This aggregate, top-line score enables leaders to see where their organization stands overall based on leading indicators and metrics within three main categories: Engagement, Productivity, and Adaptability.

For a more actionable view, companies can also deep-dive into each category’s indicator and metric scores to identify success patterns or areas requiring attention.

With Humanyze, you can rapidly validate the impacts of business strategies to drive the desired outcomes within your organization.


Why Global Leaders are Choosing Humanyze

Humanyze offers the only solution with proprietary metrics, indicators, and algorithms rooted in years of academic research and based on more workplace data points than any other provider.


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    Science-Backed Insights You Can Trust

    Powered by decades of MIT Media Lab research


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    The Most Complete View of the Workday

    Integrate existing data from any collaboration tools, location systems, and surveys


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    Benchmark Internally & Against Industry Averages

    Based on analysis of over 20 billion workplace interactions & 210 million employee workdays


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    Employee Data Privacy by Design

    Humanyze ensures employee anonymity and is GDPR/CCPA compliant


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    Connect & Measure

    Integrate the data that matters most to understand your organization’s effectiveness through the platform’s actionable metrics and indicators.



    Identify & Focus

    Humanyze insights surface problem areas, success patterns, or behavioral trends, to quickly identify opportunities for improvement within the categories of Engagement, Productivity, and Adaptability.



    Take Action & Validate

    Make informed changes and interventions, while quickly validating their impacts to understand what drives desired behaviors or outcomes.



    Continuously Improve

    Keep regular tabs on your organization’s effectiveness through ongoing measurement and regular organizational health updates.


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