2021 Future of Work Report (Part I, Spring 2021)

Did You Know? Nearly 50% of employees aren’t fully confident that their company’s post-pandemic strategy will be well thought out.

2020 and the shift to remote work introduced major changes to the way we work. Now, leaders face the challenge of setting their organizations up for success in a post-pandemic work environment. In order to identify the best path forward, it’s essential to combine objective with subjective and understand both how an organization works and how employees themselves feel.

In late April of 2021, Humanyze surveyed over 1,000 U.S. knowledge workers about the impacts of remote work and how they feel about the future of work post-pandemic. The goal was to better understand the effects of the pandemic on employees, as well as their sentiments around a potential return to the office. In order to provide a holistic view of how work evolved after 2020’s shift to remote work, survey responses were then measured against science-backed collaboration data (from before and during the pandemic) measured using Humanyze’s Organizational Health Platform™.

By combining subjective and objective workplace insights, this report seeks to connect the dots between how employees feel, and what Humanyze analytics are revealing about work before and after the start of the pandemic.

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Last Updated 19 January 2023