A U.S. Bank Improves Call Center Productivity and Employee Retention

Identifying What Makes Call Centers More Productive

A major U.S. bank noticed that their call centers varied greatly in productivity and employee retention. They wanted to understand why specific locations were more successful than others and to recreate this success at other locations.

Measuring how employees actually work

Humanyze technology was deployed across a model call center to analyze communication patterns, employee satisfaction, work habits, and tenure. This data was used to identify critical internal communication networks, which were then mapped against corporate data such as call logs, employee satisfaction surveys, staff work schedule, and turnover. The Humanyze Elements Platform revealed that the employees with the most cohesive networks, those who regularly socialized and communicated with others in the office, had the highest levels of productivity and engagement. The majority of this communication happened during scheduled break times when employees are able to connect with co-workers in the office.

Syncing Employees’ Break Schedules Improve Call Center Hold Time by 23%

Using these insights, the bank was able to identify the critical differences between over and underperforming branches. They implemented a new break schedule at the underperforming centers to boost interactions between employees, decrease stress and build cohesive employee networks. Within one year, the bank saw a 23% increase in productivity in all call centers with the new break schedule and a 28% increase in employee retention rates.

Last Updated 14 January 2021