Multinational Energy Company Improves Culture & Retention Through Office Redesign

Drive Better Business & People Outcomes Through Workplace Strategy & Office Design.

One of the world’s largest oil & energy companies was facing a talent retention and recruitment crisis. This was a result of two key challenges: cultural changes in the industry, which created more competition for young innovative talent, and difficulties transferring essential organizational knowledge to newer employees within the company.

While the organization had succeeded for years at hiring employees directly out of school and retaining them for their entire careers, increased organizational complexity and cultural shifts in the industry meant that their historically traditional, hierarchical processes were starting to create major divides and silos between hierarchies and tenures. As a result, the company was also starting to lose young and ambitious talent to industry competitors who claimed to have more open and progressive work cultures.

Read our latest case study to learn how Humanyze’s workplace collaboration insights, coupled with HR and Real-Estate systems data, helped the customer inform programming initiatives and an office redesign to improve culture and employee retention.

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Last Updated 19 January 2023