Harvard Business Review: The Implications of Working Without an Office

Ben Waber, PhD (President and Co-Founder of Humanyze) partnered up with Ethan Bernstein, PhD (Harvard Business School Professor), Hayley Blundenandrew, and Brodskywonbin Sohn to discuss how working from home is impacting organizations in an article titled “The Implications of Working Without an Office” published by the Harvard Business Review.

An examination of data by Humanyze from email, chat, and calendar systems across a global technology company supports our survey results. It revealed that the workday significantly increased at the beginning of all-virtual work: In the weeks immediately after the lockdown began, only half of employees were able to maintain a 10-hour workday or less, whereas nearly 80% had been able to do so previously. These patterns have started to trend back to pre-lockdown levels, although the workdays are still 10% to 20% longer on average.


Last Updated 21 September 2021