A Pharmaceutical Company Introduces Cultural Changes To Improve Performance

Performance Gap Between Teams

An international pharmaceutical company noted a large performance gap between its teams. Despite similar products and target customers, certain marketing and sales teams were greatly outperforming others. The company wanted to identify what caused these teams to be so successful and use that knowledge to inform underperforming teams.

Measuring Collaboration and Team Productivity

Humanyze technology was deployed to identify communication patterns and compare this data to employee surveys, office layouts, and team demographics. The Humanyze Elements Platform discovered that employees who interacted with their team members more were happier, more engaged in their job, and significantly more productive. However, the data also revealed a notable drop in energy and productivity with increased tenure at the company; low performing teams had higher numbers of tenured employees and were less productive.

Introducing Cultural Changes

To increase productivity, the company introduced new policies to keep tenured employees engaged and happy at work. They connected tenured employees with junior partners and they introduced monthly team building activities, which gave employees a chance to connect with each other. After months of testing new programs to build culture, the underperforming teams had caught up to the high performing teams.

The network graphs above show the increase in team cohesion and communication after new policies were put in place.


Last Updated 14 January 2021