Boston Bootcamps Names Humanyze one of the Boston Startups to Watch in 2020

Boston Bootcamps names Humanyze one of the “50 Boston Startups to Watch in 2020.”

Boston is a tech mecca that raised $920 million last year from 41 startups. And this is not a surprise considering the city is a huge talent pool for startups. Companies in different fields, such as finance, healthcare, and marketing have created innovative products here to revolutionize the tech industry. In this report, you will find the most outstanding tech startups based in Boston.


Humanyze analyzes existing corporate data. The company utilizes its analytics to measure organizational health, employee-engagement, team-productivity, and organizational-adaptability. Results are used by enterprises to answer specific questions related to workplace, human resources and digital transformation.

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Last Updated 02 August 2021