Workplace Insight: IN Magazine “Data Driven”

Earlier this month, Ben Waber was interviewed by Workplace Insight’s IN Magazine to discuss learnings from the pandemic, and how Humanyze’s actionable, hard data helps companies inform and validate the right #workplace decisions with speed and certainty. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“I think that there is a very healthy way to start to look at workplace issues, rather than just talking about trends for no reason other than the fact that someone who says they’re an expert says this is a good thing to do. Sometimes it might be, but there needs to be a lot more reliance on the hard facts.”

“In a video game you can play for thirty minutes and you get instant feedback when you go wrong. But when it comes to the workplace, the feedbacks are very; very slow. You often don’t figure out whether the decision you make about the workplace is right or wrong for months. And the decision is not taken in isolation.”

“Let’s take Amazon as a good example, They are a dominant company right now. I could probably argue fairly convincingly that they could implement almost any workplace strategy right now, and over the short term, they’d probably still be successful. Long term, I think we could talk about potential implications, but over the next couple of months, not at all.”

To read the full article, follow this link.

Last Updated 21 September 2021