San Francisco Examiner: Tech industry’s ‘three-day work week’ may change the future of the office forever

On February 18, the San Francisco Examiner mentioned Humanyze and co-founder, Ben Waber, in a piece written about a mid-week, in-person model emerging in San Francisco that could impact the global economy. Ben was able to offer some insight on how data can help inform the decisions to return to the office. Here is what Ben had to say…

“Ben Waber, president and co-founder at Humanyze, a Boston-area company that uses workplace data to help companies with productivity and processes, believes weak ties are so important that they should be the guiding metric in how companies come back together in office.

“Bringing people back in an organized way is important,” Waber said. “If people just pick whatever they feel like, we might be wasting a lot of time. The idea of this is to genuinely come back in a way that’s helpful.”

Studies show connecting with other parts of the company is “extremely predictive of productivity,” Waber said. Companies should be bringing employees back to focus on that, he said. “Weak ties, how much do different teams collaborate, has dropped precipitously in remote work.”

Bringing employees back midweek may indeed be the best way to reignite those weak ties, Waber said, but the return to office should be data-based. That data is being crunched, and workers are returning right now in ways that could be hugely influential on other tech hubs and companies that connect with San Francisco’s tech sector. It is an important time for the workforce, experts say.”

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Last Updated 22 February 2022