Forbes: The Future Of Work Will See Leadership Leverage Data And Facts Over ‘Gut Feelings’ And A ‘We’ve Always Done It This Way’ Mentality

A recently published Forbes article featured Humanyze, the Fall 2021 Future of Work Report, and quotes from co-founder, Ben Waber. The article mentions how the report indicates that employees and managers seem to both be adapting to remote work and collaborating more with their teammates and closer colleagues since the start of the pandemic. Although, interactions have decreased with more peripheral colleagues outside of their immediate networks. Here is an excerpt of what was said about Ben and Humanyze…

Ben Waber, cofounder and president of Humanyze, a workplace analytic provider, contends important decisions could now be made with powerful data rather than relying upon emotions and doing something because “we’ve always done it this way.”

Waber’s business concept is a radical departure from the old-school ways of making decisions. His work has centered around “using real-time data flows to rethink the management of people, physical architecture, corporate planning, and training, among other things.” Waber founded Humanyze to offer its services to the business community to help organizations tap into what is really going on with employees.”

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Last Updated 10 December 2021