Invaluable Feedback

Feedback and input from EAB members help shape the strategic direction and development of new Humanyze solutions to ensure alignment with global standards, key industry trends, and emerging workplace technologies.

Delivering Value. Exchanging Ideas.

Led by senior executives at Humanyze, the EAB brings together innovative, like-minded executives across industries to share ideas, solutions, and strategies around workplace analytics and leveraging the power of data to drive a successful Future of Work for both employees and enterprises.

By partnering with industry experts, our goal is to create solutions to the many challenges, drivers, and priorities of leading global organizations, and delivering the most value to our customers.

Membership Benefits

  • Collaborative Group Meetings & Gatherings

    Discuss shared business issues and key industry trends as well as gather, review and gain feedback on Humanyze’s latest offerings through regular virtual meetings and an annual in-person gathering.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Besides knowledge sharing at regular virtual meetings, there will be opportunities for members to get together and network face-to-face annually (travel permitting). Members will also have access to Humanyze’s executive team, providing insight into our strategies, industry knowledge and trends.

  • Product Direction & Guidance

    Help us make our solutions work better for you and other leading organizations around the world. Member feedback aids the development of new product capabilities and gives you an opportunity to test and validate our latest innovations.

  • Special Early Access

    EAB members benefit from exclusive product previews and early access to new solution features and functionality.

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