Webinar: The Keys to a Successful Workplace Strategy (Post-Pandemic & Beyond)

Remote, In-Office, or Hybrid?
Take the Guesswork Out of Workplace Decisions:

As companies navigate a world of uncertainty due to COVID-19, leaders are under more pressure than ever before to inform the right workplace decisions with speed and certainty. Whether you’ve already decided on an eventual post-pandemic strategy or have yet to determine one, the daunting question of “How do we know what will work?” remains.

In this webinar, Ben Waber, PhD (President & Co-founder) and Brian Sargent (VP of Product) introduce Humanyze’s newly-launched Workplace Strategy solution and share how our science-backed insights are helping align the efforts of Corporate Real-Estate, HR, and Business Leaders in order for leaders to drive tailored, effective workplace decisions their organizations.

Key Webinar Themes:
• Trends & challenges shaping the future of the workplace (and what we’ve learned over the past year)
• A walk-through of Humanyze’s new Workplace Strategy solution
• How leading companies are leveraging Humanyze to uncover how, where, and with whom teams work best in order to drive better business and people outcomes

Last Updated 26 August 2021