The Way We Work Podcast: How can we protect data privacy?

With the recently-instituted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal, data privacy has become more important than ever.

Humanyze CEO, Ben Waber, is joined by Ifeoma Ajunwa, Assistant professor at Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School and Cornell Law School, for the third episode of The Way We Work podcast. They talk about how to protect data privacy, what privacy means today, and how it has been impacted by technology.

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Additional Resources:

  1. Xora app, Employee data privacy case in California
  2. Ajunwa, Ifeoma. “Facebook users aren’t the reason Facebook is in trouble now.” The Washington Post. 23 March 2018.
  3. Ifeoma’s book, “The Quantified Worker,” will be published with the Cambridge University Press in 2019.
Last Updated 13 January 2021