The Way We Work Podcast: How should we design office spaces?

Our second episode of The Way We Work Podcast explores how we should design office spaces. Traditionally, office spaces were simply seen as a cost. Companies would hire an architect, design the space, the company would move in, and the architect would go away; it was a static space. Now with data, office spaces can be a fluid environment and be customized to employees’ needs to improve employee engagement and productivity. Space greatly impacts how people behave: we often think of work as only occurring at your desk – but it also happens in the hallways, when you get coffee, and on your walk to the restroom. These casual encounters could impact your work and change the direction of your thinking. Workplace design is a critical tool to carry out a company’s strategic goals and make a positive and meaningful impact on employees’ lives.

Ben Waber, MIT Media Lab Ph.D. and CEO of Humanyze, is joined by Molly Keenan, Senior Associate, Senior Workplace Strategist at Gensler, and Alfred Byun, Senior Associate, Designer at Gensler.

During this episode, they investigate how office spaces are designed, how this approach has changed, and how workspace design impacts productivity and operations.

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Last Updated 13 January 2021