The Way We Work Podcast: What is People Analytics?

We’re excited to introduce our new podcast, The Way We Work, to uncover how work actually gets done.

We spend half of our waking hours at work so shouldn’t we create a work environment that we enjoy spending time in? In order to improve the workplace, we need to identify and measure the critical success factors that influence how work gets done. Now, organizations have access to a variety of different data sources to help understand how communication and collaboration occur between teams and departments. This concept of using data to make better people decisions is the focus of this first episode.

Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze and MIT Media Lab Ph.D., is joined by Ethan Bernstein, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School and Harvard University Management Ph.D., for the very first episode of The Way We Work Podcast. During this episode, they investigate what people analytics is, the opportunities, the challenges, and why it’s important today.

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Last Updated 14 January 2021