The Way We Work Podcast: Exploring Gender Bias in the Workplace

Even as women continue to rise in the modern workplace they are still met with barriers, bias and limits on opportunities. On this episode of The Way We Work Podcast we explore the issue of gender in the workplace and what can be done by leaders to ensure inclusive environments. How can we ensure not only that women have a seat at the table, but also a voice? Humanyze CEO Ben Waber joins Stela Lupushor to discuss new technologies and methods that can help managers improve their environments, as well as how women can take an active role in their success in the workplace.

Stela is the founder of, a consultancy focused on helping clients develop inclusive workplaces through technology and human centered design. She is also the founder of, a non profit organization focused on expanding the horizon of work for women and empowering their success. In her “free” time she is the Program Director, SWP and TM Councils at The Conference Board, helping Fortune 500 companies build new global workforce strategies.

Last Updated 13 January 2021