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data collection

Data Collection

The Humanyze Platform has two major sources of data: digital communication and the GEM badge. These can be used together or independently to provide insight. Once your data sources are deployed, your organization is ready to start learning!



The badges upload data to our cloud. The data is processed into valuable insight and then separated for individual use or anonymized and aggregated for management. We can combine our data with your company's KPIs and digital data for even more powerful insights.



Those insights are then presented back through meaningful dashboards and reports that help both employees and organizations take action.

digital platform

The Humanyze Digital Platform

The Humanyze Digital Platform allows companies to leverage their internal digital communication to identify risks within their organization. The platform uses a combination of email, calendar, chat, and even location data to provide organizations with a full picture of their communication. Know if teams are under-communicating, visualize how they spend their time, and understand their communication preferences.

As part of the Digital Platform, Humanyze offers fully automated extraction services to enable ease of deployment. Our extraction tool, DGGT (pronounced "dig it"), will allow your technical staff to configure and automate extractions for most major email, calendar, and chat platforms.

badge platform

The Humanyze Badge Platform

The Humanyze Badge Platform allows deployment admins to set up all the necessary information for a company, delivers insights via dashboards to users, and allows for benchmarking and configuration of external data sources.

  • Insights – The Humanyze Badge Platform provides the full spectrum of information both to the individual and management via beautiful visualizations and dashboards. It allows users to not only see their own data, but set benchmarks to other parts of the organization and their own team. Management can gain insight about which teams collaborate most often, what the most effective spaces are, and how to best optimize processes based on understanding their communication patterns.

  • Deployment – Deployments can be managed directly from the Humanyze Badge Platform: upload users, set up virtual teams, and configure benchmarks. See which users responded and communicate with them to encourage participation.

  • Connectivity – The Humanyze Badge Platform allows you to enrich badge data with other forms of digital data from your organization. Whether it's sales KPIs from Salesforce, call data from Communicator, or email and chat data, the Humanyze Badge Platform can help you configure and store API connections to allow connectivity to all your people analytics sources.

Continuous Wear

Continuous wear is a commitment by a company to continuous improvement. While continuous wear can be effective in a department or division, it is at its most powerful when adopted company-wide. The Humanyze Badge Platform can be integrated with internal systems to yield insight across teams, job roles, divisions, and departments. The Humanyze Platform empowers employees to benchmark themselves against career path goals and take actions to achieve those goals. Managers can proactively understand disruptions to their teams or can be warned of potential project failures based on communication gaps. Senior leadership can understand the behavior profiles of high performing teams and target training to raise the performance of all teams. The Humanyze Badge Platform can be leveraged to determine which training seminars have the most impact. The opportunities are truly endless when a company understands their most powerful and valuable resource.

Timed Study

Timed study is a finite engagement usually with a specific end goal such as the result of a particular environment or process change. Organizations can leverage the Humanyze Badge Platform to set baseline, go through the change, and get the results. Due to the length of the study, organizations have the ability to utilize external data sources such as email, chat, mail, and short term KPIs along with the captured badge data to give the most complete picture. As part of the study, the participants will have access to their own data via dashboards. Through these dashboards, they have the ability to see changes on a daily basis and note what events took place in order to help correlate actions to changes in behavior. This data is then collected and aggregated for management and leadership teams to offer insight about which specific changes yielded improvements.

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