Humanyze Launches People Analytics Platform, Humanyze Elements

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Humanyze, Inc., the global leader in people analytics technology, today announced the launch of the Humanyze Elements Platform. Powered by science developed at the MIT Media Lab, the Humanyze Elements Platform measures digital conversations and face-to-face social data to help improve the health of the organization. This cutting-edge technology provides customers with the following features:

Collaboration and Delivery Module: Mitigate risk by uncovering potential communication gaps and bottlenecks between cross-functional teams.
Diversity and Inclusion Module: Calculate D&I program success by measuring how often employees are integrated into the organization, included in meetings and given management visibility.
Space Planning Module: Configure an optimal workspace by evaluating how meeting spaces are being used, where employees have casual interactions and how remote workers collaborate with coworkers.
Teamwork and Engagement Module: Identify leaders, retain top performers and check productivity levels by mapping communication patterns between individual employees and teams.
Workload Assessment Module: Prove work-life balance, attract top talent and allocate budget efficiently by determining the total time spent working, in meetings, and socializing.

“With People Analytics, organizations can take a data-driven approach to understand how their employees communicate and collaborate,” says Chief Product Officer, Michelle Bradbury. “With the launch of the Humanyze Elements Platform, organizations will now be able to accurately collect digital and social data, measure these findings in a clear dashboard, and drive business results.

About Humanyze, Inc.: Humanyze helps companies make better people decisions by providing the data and tools to discover new efficiencies. Born out of the MIT Media Lab, Humanyze takes a scientific approach by measuring digital conversations and face-to-face social interactions in ways never before possible. More information is available at

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Last Updated 02 August 2021