Humanyze Announces New Remote Workplace Analytics Solution

Offering addresses organizations’ need to measure organizational health during global influx of remote work

Humanyze, a leader in workplace analytics, today announced a new Remote Work solution that analyzes the impacts that working from home has on workplace, HR and digital transformation initiatives and how those affect organizational health. This new solution comes as a result of years of academic and field research of over 200 million remote work interactions.

Centered around improving organizational effectiveness, this solution uses the Humanyze Organizational Health Score and its benchmarks and indicators of employee-engagement, team-productivity, and organizational-adaptability to give insights into how remote work is impacting workplace, HR, and digital transformation initiatives. Until now, companies did not have the technology to objectively understand the impacts of working remotely on their overall effectiveness. Through Humanyze, company leaders can now make more informed decisions and evaluate their impact to quickly intervene when needed.

By leveraging Humanyze’s new solution, leaders can answer questions around remote work like:

• How does our remote work strategy impact collaboration, culture, and efficiency?
• What impact is remote work having on an employee’s workday length?
• What is the impact of video conference vs tele-conferencing?

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the shift to remote work, companies are faced with more immediate decisions around remote work strategies. This new solution can also support COVID-19 mitigation efforts by helping answer questions like:

• Which teams are most at risk of short and long-term productivity loss and/or disengagement?
• How quickly and easily did our organization adapt, and have we settled into a “new normal” yet?
• How do we support our teams for long-term success while working from home?

Leveraging Humanyze’s capabilities does not have to be intrusive or disruptive to employees, especially during periods of significant change or stress. The Remote Work offering has the advantage of providing an objective, non-invasive and detailed view into the current state of work and brings improvement opportunities to light. It accomplishes this by passively measuring company owned data from enterprise communication and collaboration systems such as Gsuite, Office 365, Slack, Gmail, among others. In addition, Humanyze’s solutions rely on aggregated data rather than individual-based insights, which protects employee privacy, while not compromising on the ability to generate organizational insights at the team, region and business unit levels.

For more information around how remote work impacts organizational health, you can read more about it here. For examples on how a technology company leveraged workplace analytics to understand how a shift to remote work impacted the company, go here. Lastly, to learn more about the company’s new solution visit

About Humanyze
Founded in 2011 out of the MIT Media lab, Humanyze is a workplace analytics company paving the way in helping companies make better, faster business decisions that improve organizational effectiveness which leads to better financial performance and improved employee experience. The company analyzes existing corporate data to apply its one-of-a-kind analytics to provide an Organizational Health Score by leveraging benchmarks and indicators around employee-engagement, team-productivity, and organizational-adaptability. These analytics are used by enterprises to answer specific questions related to the impact of their Workplace, HR, and Digital Transformation initiatives. Data privacy is a core value and Humanyze’s technology ensures anonymity by design. Humanyze has a global presence spanning the US, Europe, and Asia, and is on a mission to improve the future of work.


Last Updated 02 August 2021