Humanyze workplace analytics reveal how, where, & with whom work gets done best in a way that benefits both employees & enterprise.


  • 1. Connect & Measure

    Humanyze measures 100% anonymous, aggregated data about how, where, & with whom work gets done across an organization

  • 2. Identify & Diagnose

    Humanyze surfaces key org. behaviors & patterns that directly impact performance & employee retention

  • 3. Inform & Take Action

    Humanyze quantifies related costs, opportunities & risks so you can make data-driven recommendations & prioritize actions where needed most

  • 4. Validate & Improve

    Quickly reveal the impacts of changes, decisions, & initiatives to make timely adjustments or improvements

Working with Humanyze

Put Employee
Data Privacy First

Data is always 100% anonymous, aggregated by group, & free of PCI /PII (no names, no emails, no content). Access the most data-driven work insights while protecting employee anonymity & privacy by design.

Discover How
Work Really Happens

Offering more integrations than any solution, Humanyze combines the business & people data that matters most:

  • Comms. Data (Email, Call, Chat.)
  • Office Smart Sensors / Building Entry Data
  • HRIS & Business Intelligence Data
  • Workforce Survey & Performance Data

Identify Key
Opportunities & Risks

Proactive alerts help you flag critical risk and success patterns. Our behavioral metrics & simple reporting make it easy to understand the engagement, productivity, & adaptability of your workforce.

Take Action With Data-Driven Recommendations

Powered by MIT research & more workplace data than any competitor, Humanyze delivers insights you can trust. Prioritize how & where to take action using global & internal benchmarks, tailored recommendations, & cost estimates.

Validate Impacts & Make Adjustments

Ongoing measurement means ongoing improvement. Humanze continuously monitors & flags changes so leaders can quickly adjust as-needed.

Align The Entire Enterprise

Dedicated offerings for Executives, Managers, and Analysts help all levels of the organization support effective transformations & better change management.

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