Case Studies

European Bank

Teamwork and Engagement – Identifying behaviors of high performing teams

Process Optimization – Understanding processes that drive behaviors

A major European bank wanted to understand drivers of sales performance across all of its branch locations. The branches have the same formal structure and similar customer demographics but showed a difference of over 300% on loan sales per employee. They also range significantly in size and physical layout.

Humanyze deployed the Sociometric® Badges across multiple retail bank branches and captured loan sales information.

Data Utilized:

  • Team communication patterns

  • Physical activity

  • Compensation system

  • Tenure and demographics

  • Office layout

The Humanyze platform identified strong relationships between communication patterns and attitudes such as optimism, trust, as well as office layout. The highest performing branches showed cohesive team communication, while lower performing branches showed distinct sub-groups and outliers primarily driven by space layouts. Processes were implemented that would specifically aid the cohesion of under-performing braches such as group bonus structures and space rotation. As a result, the other branches were able to increase the bank's overall performance by more than 10%.

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